GameStop Wants Your Soul Before Playing Their Wii

JoystiqPlayingExciteTruck.jpgWell, maybe not your soul, but at least a picture ID and a credit card or two. The folks over at Joystiq were able to find a Wii demo kiosk at a local GameStop in California. While the system looked to be dead, it turns out that the clerks were instructed to only turn it on once someone presented some identification and a credit card. At that point they would boot up the system and let you take Excite Truck for a spin.

It makes sense really, and will be one of the disadvantages to the Wii demo systems in the short term until Nintendo (or the store itself) designs a way that the remotes can be tethered to the kiosk without inhibiting movement. I mean, I wouldn’t want someone running off with a Wii-mote if I were the store manager. Smaller stores like GameStop or EB Games can do something like requiring identification since they’re more hands-on with the customers. On the other hand, you won’t be seeing any interactive Wii kiosks in a larger store like Best Buy this year because they’re not going to spend the time taking your ID and credit info when there’s a clueless Mom and Dad in the next aisle that they can sell a 360 and new television to.

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