Gear Review: EwinRacing Flash XL Series Gaming Chair

I’ve only had the opportunity to test drive a couple different racing-style gaming chair brands, but from my admittedly limited experience the quality of EwinRacing’s offering is definitely a cut above the competition. EwinRacing offers a wide range of chairs for different body sizes, budgets, usage needs, and color preferences, but for the purposes of this review, I eagerly sat my gaming behind into the booty and back heaven of an orange and black Flash XL Series chair. My tookus has never been happier than it’s been over the past month of daily use.

The chair couldn’t have been easier to assemble. The Flash XL chair is quite heavy, so it wouldn’t hurt to have an extra pair of hands and arms to help hold pieces in alignment while you bolt them into place, but you really shouldn’t run into any problems doing it by yourself. From unpackaging to butt-in-seat, assembly took me about 15-20 minutes. The instructions are easy to follow, and the kit even includes a pair of gloves to provide better grip and also protect the chair from your grubby, sweaty paws.

My instant takeaway from first sitting in the Flash XL was immediate comfort. Sometimes with new chairs there is a breaking-in process to go through, where the cushioning is a bit too firm right out of the box, until you’ve had the chance to sit in it repeatedly for a week or two, to the point that the chair conforms to your body. From the moment I sat in this chair, it seemed to fit me like a glove. The high density memory foam is thick yet pillowy, while the fabric (I’m not exactly sure what it is) feels lusciously smooth and supple, as well as durable.

Head/neck and lower lumbar support pillows are included, with adjustable elastic straps. The lumbar cushion is simple to slide up or down to hit your back’s sweet spot; however, since the headrest strap is threaded through eyelets on the back of the chair, there is no way to raise or lower the pillow’s position and have it hold. While seated, you can pull the pillow up to where you like it and it will stay in place as long as your weight is pressed back into it, but as soon as you lean forward it will snap back to its original position, and you’ll need to readjust when you lean back again. While the lumbar support stays put, having to constantly fiddle with the headrest does become somewhat annoying.

While smaller sizes are available, for maximum comfort I would suggest going with an XL, regardless of your weight and girth. I’ve found that with a normal size on these racing-style chairs, the flared edges forming the bucket seat tend to become cramped at the hips. Having the extra width on the seat provides a little more leeway for your legs and hips to spread out and feel at ease. At the same time, you do need to be cognizant of the chair’s height. Obviously if you have a shorter desktop, the taller height of the XL may not be the right fit.

Adjustability is one of the chair’s strongest attributes. The 4D armrests slide backward and forward, side to side, and up and down, as well as rotate on notch clockwise and one notch counter-clockwise. The buttons for each action are so naturally placed that you can make adjustments as needed without having to take your eyes away from the screen. I do wish the rotation mechanism required a button press, though, because when you’re out of the chair and need to pull it toward you and you grab the chair by the armrest, it’ll rotate out of place, causing you to lose leverage. I’ve had to train myself to grab the armrest by the post to avoid this. While the posts are solid, the armrests are also wobbly and have kind of a cheap plastic feel that is noticeable compared to the rest of the chair.

The chair itself has adjustable reclining, from 90-degrees straight up to damn near horizontal, should you want to lay flat back and take a quick nap. For moments in between–say if you’re watching a movie and want to kick back a bit while still maintaining a clear view of your screen–the chair has a rocking action so you can recline in total comfort. Unlike some chairs, the center of gravity and sturdy base provide total security so you can feel confident that the chair won’t tip, whether you’re reclining or sitting forward on the front edge of the seat.

EwinRacing’s Flash XL gaming chair has a few small things that could be improved upon, but overall it’s a finely crafted and supremely comfortable piece of office furniture. The chair’s construction, stitching, and materials are of the highest quality, all the way down to the casters, which glide like butter across the floor. The chairs are indeed quite pricey, but you absolutely get what you pay for. If you’re in dire need of a new office/gaming chair, put EwinRacing at the top of your list of brands to consider. Right now’s a great time to grab one, too, because EwinRacing is currently running a back to school sale offering discounts of $49 or $109, depending on the starting price of the chair.

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