Gear Review: KontrolFreek Omni Performance Thumbsticks

The Omni is a total gamechanger in KontrolFreek’s arsenal of performance thumbsticks.

What’s so unique and groundbreaking about the Omni? It’s all in the cross-hatch pattern covering the grip’s concave surface. Examined closely, you’ll notice that the Omni grip surface is a basket weave, each square in the weave consisting of three slender lines separated by grooves. With the basket weave design, each line grouping alternates between horizontal and vertical, creating a surface that always feels like it’s adapting to how your thumb moves and presses.

Somehow the surface feels soft and smooth under the thumb while at the same time offering unparalleled surface friction to latch onto the thumb and never let go. They’re so comfortable and relaxed to the touch that sometimes it can almost feel like your thumbs are on the verge of slipping off, and yet the grips hold every time without fail. The Omni has a light glossiness to its finish that at first seems like it might become slippery, but in reality there is a tangible sense of tackiness to the grip that enhances control.

The Omni thumbsticks feature a low-rise design for minimal height increase, as well as extended surface area for maximized maneuverability. Because of this, they’re incredibly versatile and easier to adapt to for first-time KontrolFreek users. The well-rounded design means they’re able to function equally as your workhorse grips for all types of gaming in addition to serving a complementary role when matched with other types of KontrolFreeks. For example, I’ve personally grown fond of pairing an Omni grip on the left analog stick with a mid-rise Destiny 2 Ghost grip on the right analog stick. It’s a balanced combination that I’ve found works beautifully across a broad range of gameplay styles.

One small knock against the Omni’s cross-hatch design is the way dust and finger grime quickly begin to collect inside all of the tiny grooves. While this tends to make the surface look a bit grungy and worn, fortunately it doesn’t have any detrimental impact on grip performance or comfort. At least not that I’ve encountered thus far after a few months of regular use.

KontrolFreek has set a new benchmark for comfort, grip, and all-around versatility with the Omni thumbsticks. Every existing KontrolFreek user should seriously consider adding a pair of Omni to their PlayStation 4 and/or Xbox One controller loadout options, while gamers thinking about experimenting with KontrolFreek for the first time should absolutely go Omni all the way.

Buy From: Omni Performance Thumbsticks are available from Amazon and KontrolFreek for $14.99.

Disclosure: A pair of PS4 Omni Performance Thumbsticks were provided to for review consideration by KontrolFreek.

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