Gears of War First Impressions

GOW_BAsmall.jpgWell I finally found a copy of Gears of War and have played it for the past two and a half hours. In short, it’s a very good game. At first I tried the medium difficulty, but people weren’t kidding when they said this game was tough as I reached a point in the first act that I couldn’t pass. Looks like I’ll need to take baby steps.

The whole feel is very gritty. You and the other soldiers are dirty and gruff, with faces full of scars from previous battles. The AI on the computer opponents and you teammates is surprisingly good as all will dive for cover once the firefight begins. I found the unique camera angle to be distracting at first because the main character is left-of-center. I kept diverting my eyes towards him instead of watching what was on the center of the screen.

I also played the multiplayer mode with Infinite Method and a few of his friends. Just a few straight-up two-on-two matches and at first it was tough getting used to incorporating the controls and the multiplayer maps, but after the first match Infinite and I began cleaning house. I really dig the round play and it brings back memories of that year I lost playing Counter-Strike back in college. If players are injured to an extreme but not yet dead, a teammate can come by and revive them, which actually saved our butt in one match as I was near death, but came back to win a one-on-one shotgun match.

So far I’m very impressed with this title and it’s well worth the $60 investment. I’ll make it a point to give a more in-depth review once the weekend rolls around.

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