Gears of War GameStop/EBX Pre-Orders Delayed

GearsOfElvis.JPGGameStop, get your act together.

Why is it that nearly every time I pre-order a title from you, somehow the whole process gets botched and I end up having to cancel because I can walk into another store to pick up the game?

What’s my latest issue? Well, it seems that my Gears of War pre-order, along 35% of the other pre-orders for this game (per my GameStop salesperson) are stuck in Memphis, TN. Though no one is sure exactly why this is, the best estimate that my GameStop could give me was that I might be able to get it on Friday. Searching around on the net to confirm the rep’s story, I found various reports of some managers even driving to the particular distribution center to pick up their allocated shipments to get them into gamers’ hands this evening.

The unfortunate thing is that much of my pre-order is already paid in trade-in credit from a few other games. Perhaps I’ll move them over to Twilight Princess or Red Steel and drive over to Best Buy and pick up Gears since they have it in ample supply.

UPDATE: So I went over to Target after work and purchased one of their twenty copies. I then went over to the GameStop where I had Gears of War reserved and they gave me 100% of my money back in cash. First impressions coming soon.

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