GoldenEye: Source Beta Mod Released

GoldenEye SourceI’m not sure how many of you were gaming during the Nintendo 64 era. I know that it was only two console cycles ago, but more and more people are getting into gaming and you never know. Well, back on the N64 Rare released what is arguably the best first person shooter (and movie tie-in) for a console: GoldenEye. Although much like today, PCs were blowing console FPS titles out of the water, but for what it was it was simply remarkable. I remember getting together with my friends and playing this game for hours on end. Not only was the game great, but four people could play at one time making this the goto game for parties.

Feeding off of this fondness for the N64 classic, a group of developers got together and decided to make an updated version of the game using the Source engine made famous in Half-Life 2. The GoldenEye: Source team isn’t looking towards making an exact duplicate of what appeared on the Nintendo 64 version of GoldenEye. Obviously things have changed over the years such as technology and internet gaming. As a result, this beta was released in order to give gamers a taste at what to expect and gain feedback in order to keep the game new while maintaining a level of nostalgia.

In order to play the beta, you’ll need a copy of a Source based game installed such as Half-Life 2 (EP1, EP2, etc.), Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Counter-Strike: Source, or Day of Defeat: Source. Next, check out this list of beta mirrors over on the GoldenEye: Source wiki and download a copy.

Hopefully this beta release spurs more interest in the project lending more hands to the development effort. Now I only wish I had a copy of a Source game to give this sucker a spin myself.

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