Grand Theft Auto: Media Frenzy

So today in the 1up General Gaming Board someone posted about the Freedom of Individual Choice as it relates to purchasing the games you want without government intervention. You can view my post on the subject, but basically it boils down to the fact that many parents today want the government to do everything for them instead of taking the role of being a parent and not allowing their child to purchase a game they feel is too mature for them. If there ever were a censorship as to what a game can or cannot contain, I’m fairly certain that it would go to the supreme court where they would decide whether or not it this type of law would violate the second amendment. I don’t believe any precedent has been set regarding video games being protected under this amendment. To us gamers, they are an art form parallel to that of movies in some cases, but would a group of 60+ year old judges see it the same way?

That brings me to something I saw on the news last night. Gamestop (for the umpteenth million time in Lansing) broke street date on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas yesterday, so the local news team was out interviewing people waiting to pick it up. There looked to be somewhere between 50 to 75 people in line, but they only interviewed kids between 12 and 15 who were there (I assume with their parents) to pickup the game. Basically they tried to make a point that the kids were excited for a game in which you killed people and this sort of thing should not be allowed, and that video game companies are evil for marketing this game to children. They did not give details on how the companies are marketing their games to children, plus they did not explain the ESRB rating system, or that at a release event such as this, the retail outlets will not sell a mature game to a minor. But, of course it is the media, so why should they have to?

Basically, as long as media outlets can sell a story such as this to the public, I fear that their influence will be carried through to some sort of attempt to inhibit the freedom of choice that we gamers share.

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