Grand Theft Auto V Morphs Into a First-Person Shooter, Gets One Hell of a Limited Edition Soundtrack


Anyone still thinking the upcoming PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of Grand Theft Auto V will be nothing more than a quick and dirty up-resed re-release can go ahead and put that nonsense away for good. Even if you didn’t particularly care for the original release on PS3 and Xbox 360, Rockstar just went ahead and made the new-gen version an irresistible upgrade.

What’s suddenly so irresistible about the game? Oh I don’t know, just the fact that Rockstar has rebuilt the entire game to be played in a new first-person mode. Whether you are behind the wheel, in the cockpit or running and gunning down the streets of Los Santos, you’ll be able to play both Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online as a first-person shooter. At the push of a button, you’ll be able to switch between the standard third-person view and the new first-person mode, which will offer traditional FPS gunplay as well as new cover and targeting systems and thousands of new animations.

So, who else just went from feeling “meh” about the updated release of Grand Theft Auto V to, “Holy shit, now I’ve got to have it!” in one fell swoop? Still not sold? Watch the FPS mode reveal trailer below, and I bet you’ll change your mind right quick. It seriously looks like playing a completely different game.

If the announcement of “Grand Theft Auto V: First-Person Shooter Edition” wasn’t enough to blow your socks off, get a load of these upcoming limited edition soundtracks Rockstar just unveiled in collaboration with Mass Appeal Records. Limited to under 5,000 total units worldwide, the 59-song collector’s soundtrack will be available starting December 9th in unique CD and Vinyl box sets.


From the press release:

“The vinyl collection will feature a total of six vinyl records, a full color booklet and an exclusive lithograph poster in a classic box-set. The CD collection includes three discs along with a branded Grand Theft Auto V gold brick-shaped USB Drive, artwork and poster all sealed in a special die-cut package.”

The only thing still to be announced is pricing. Considering the extremely limited quantities and the ultra-sexy packaging, I’m guessing they’ll fetch a pretty penny.


Between the Grand Theft Auto V PS4 and Xbox One launch on November 18th and the limited edition soundtrack in December, I think Rockstar just stole Christmas this year.

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