Greenlight Roundup: Seven Indie Gems That Need to Be on Steam

If you’re at all interested in indie PC gaming, go give the PR whizzes at Corgi Cannon a follow on Twitter–they’re always tweeting about really cool and obscure games with Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns in search of backers. Case in point, I’ve got seven different Greenlight titles here to introduce you to, just from the past couple of days alone. Thanks for the tip on all of these, Corgi Cannon!

First up is Morphite from Crescent Moon Games, a sci-fi FPS adventure heavily inspired by Metroid Prime, Turok, and even Ratchet & Clank. The game’s got a beautiful pastel-colored, low-poly visual style to go a long with what appears to be an ambitiously diverse gameplay mix, including shooting, platforming, grapple hook swinging, puzzle solving, resource gathering and trading, spaceship combat, free roam exploration, animal and plant scanning, and randomly generated worlds. Comparisons to No Man’s Sky are inevitable, though with less hype this game is in a better position to sneak up on folks rather than falling into the trap of over promising and under delivering.

Next we have Immortal Planet, an isometric Souls-like action RPG made by teedoubleu, the creator of turn-based ninja action/stealth game Ronin. Naturally, its combat involves careful use of stamina to attack, block, and dodge. Plus it’s got challenging boss battles that demand skill and perseverance, a death/experience recovery mechanic, and level design built around single checkpoints and interconnecting shortcuts. If you enjoy games that aim to kick your ass and keep you begging for more, this one deserves your up-vote.

Fans of old school point-and-click adventures need to give Anthology a huge thumbs up right quick. Lewis Denby, co-creator of Richard & Alice and The Charnel House Trilogy, works his retro magic once again with a collection of five short-story vignettes that ultimately combine into a single narrative, about characters existing within a single world, and the events that take place in their lives during a single afternoon. Color me intrigued.

Polish developer Dojo Games has unsheathed Slice Dice & Rice, the studio’s effort to resurrect the no-health-bars, one-hit-and-you’re-dead samurai showdown combat made famous once upon a time by Bushido Blade. Oozing with graphic novel flair (the pop-up text effects are a great touch) and gushing with blood and dismembered body parts, Slice Dice & Rice features a cast of eight characters, each with unique fighting styles and storylines, as well as six stages set in a stylized Japanese underworld. Put your Greenlight thumb up there, just be careful it doesn’t get chopped off.

Studio Team Shuriken’s adventure-platformer Dogolrax harks back to the glory days of Flashback and Out of This World with a pixel art journey through an incredibly bizarre and ever-changing world populated by hideous monsters and sexy anime girls. Okay, WTF!? I don’t know what exactly is going on, but I’m definitely eager to play the game to find out. Mini-game nods to classic retro arcade games are a nice little touch, too.

Black, white, and soaked in deliciously red blood, Riptale by Super God is a fast and fluid 2D dash-and-slash platformer centered around a core combo-crafting mechanic, which allows arcane gems to be collected and arranged into different attack chains. The gems will need to recharge after each use, though, so don’t expect the game to be some mindless button-masher. Seeing the red cape stream along behind the character also adds nostalgic reverence to action-platforming all-timers like Shinobi and Strider.

Last but not least, we arrive at Atomine from Aussie developer Broken Arms Games. It’s a procedurally generated twin-stick shooter in which you must blast through a virtual computer world as an offensive virus capable of evolving through modular weapons and system upgrades. Atomine‘s fast-paced minimalism is companioned with rougelike insta-death, which means all stages will need to be cleared on a single life. Lock, load, it’s all in the code.

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