GTA IV Details Unveiled in New Game Informer

fourscreen001_1.jpgWhen the GTA IV trailer was unveiled in late March, you probably noticed that navigating your favorite gaming website was a little tasking and slow-paced. After bogging down the internet to a grinding halt, we’ve all seen the visual wonder of Liberty City on next-gen systems. However, the one thing that left people scratching their heads was the details. Who are you in the game? What is the goal? Why are we seeing a damn close replication of New York City?

Well, thanks to Game Informer’s upcoming May issue, we’ll be seeing a lot of new details unveiled about the highly anticipated new installment to Rockstar’s ongoing crime drama series. The new issue lets us in on a few of the secrets that people have been dying to hear about. In GTA IV, you’ll take on the role of Niko Bellic, an Eastern European immigrant that has come to America for the promise of cars, women, and living the American Dream…at least, that’s what his cousin Roman has told him about. Regardless, the biggest character is not Niko, but Liberty City itself. Rockstar has stated that the entire Liberty City will be smaller than the tri-city backdrop that you found in San Andreas, but this time, they will focus on building a strong living city with random character animations instead of building a really big friggin’ city. The other thing that you find out is that the city is built around the basis of different burroughs found within New York City. Manhattan is called Algonquin, Queens is Dukes, the Bronx is Bohan and Brooklyn is Broker. While Staten Island is not being represented in the game, a small piece of New Jersey will be shown in the form of a place called Alderney.

As for the controversy that has been surrounding the game’s super-realisitic take on NYC, Rockstar has pointed out that there are a few things they have done to steer clear of being too insensitive. Unlike previous installments of Grand Theft Auto, there will be no planes in the game at all, so don’t expect to be going around trying to re-enact the events of 9/11 (you sick bastards that would do that deserve to burn in the fires of Satan’s bosom). As to why Rockstar chose to emulate NYC so much, Rockstar VP Dan Houser had this to say:

“We live here. We’ve been here for a number of years. Even the guys [at ‘GTA’ development house Rockstar North] in Scotland spend lots of time here with us. It was an environment we felt had never been done to the level we were envisioning it in a video game.”

Regardless of all the details that will be given in Game Informer next month, Houser did not go into any details about whether the series will get a refined and revamped targeting system (something that has oft been criticized), but he did mention that there will be multiplayer, but it won’t be what people are expecting.

Rockstar will be releasing Grand Theft Auto IV on October 16th. Keep checking back here for more details as they become available to us.

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