GTA IV Trailer: Was It Really Worth It?

So a lot of you are probably sitting back thinking the same thing as me:  “Why did we get gipped on the GTA IV trailer so bad”?  I mean, the game is being released in October apparently, and yet, we still have absolutely no new information other than the following:

1.  The game is taking place in Liberty City once again.
2.  The lead character appears to be Russian.
3.  Rockstar has ripped off essentially every piece of New York City rather than trying to create Liberty City on their own.
4.  The RAGE Engine makes pretty backgrounds, but the characters still look like they walked out of a Phil Collins “Land of Confusion” music video.

That’s about it.  I was solely unimpressed, and then…I got to thinking while I was trolling the comment pages and forums of other various websites (including, of course, Gamespot).  Why couldn’t Rockstar have used the Unreal Engine 3 for this game?  One of the CONSTANT complaints on the part of the gaming community is that the game’s graphics aren’t exactly cutting-edge.  In fact, they are usually a fine line between on-par and dated.  Instead, they build their own custom RAGE Engine to focus on a bunch of stupid people walking on the streets, and in recreated versions of Times Square, I can understand that…but at the same time, let’s look at a game like Huxley.  For those who haven’t watched anything on this game yet, Huxley is a game from Korean-MMO-developer Webzen that makes use of the Unreal Engine 3 to support up to 5,000 players per server, on top of the living and breathing world they’ve created AND the NPCs.  So, in all, you could be looking at an upwards of about 6,000+ characters at any time, and Webzen has supposedly tested this with NO FRAME RATE OR BANDWIDTH LAG!  So, why can’t Rockstar step up to bat with this kind of technology?

Regardless, I’m sure that GTA IV will provide us all with the same sandbox world, open-end experience that we all know, coupled together with horrible controls and shoddy driving missions.  We’ll see when the game launches in October.  How about you, the reader?  What did you think of the trailer?

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