Guitar Hero + PS3 = Unpossible

GHandPS3.jpgThanks to IGN, one of my hopes in owning a PS3 have been dashed. That being I would be able to plug in Guitar Hero and rock out in non-480i. Never did it occur to me that I would have no way of actually plugging it in.

With the PlayStation 3, the only way to use wired devices is via USB, much like the Xbox 360. Therefore if you want any of your old PS2 stuff to work on a PS3, you’ll need to pick up a PlayStation 2 to USB converter (seen here). Unfortunately, these will not work with the guitars made for Guitar Hero. Apparently, when you plug in a PS2 or PS1 game, the console requires you to press the center button on the PS3 controller, which the guitar obviously doesn’t have. The second problem comes from the PS3 needing you to manually turn analogue controls on, so you can’t even switch one control for another as the guitar doesn’t have the ability to turn this feature on and off.

Sure, there will be plenty of other games that work perfectly fine with the PS3. However, it looks as if you’ll have to keep your old PS2 around just a little longer until Sony is able to patch this guitar issue in a future firmware update.

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