Halo News for its Five Year Anniversary

Halo3Logo.jpgFive years ago, the worlds of console first-person shooters and competitive gaming changed for ever with Microsoft’s release of the Xbox and Halo. To celebrate this anniversary, Bungie released a whole slew of news about the franchise.

First off, during the Monday Night Football game on December 4th, the world premier of the Halo 3 commercial will be shown and also available for download via Xbox Live. This new commercial is actually composed entirely of CGI made by a third party due to the time constraints of getting the commercial finished in time for the holiday season. Therefore you won’t see any actual gameplay footage, however you will get a good idea of what the world of Halo 3 will be like.

Next, Bungie is showing some love to fans still playing Halo 2 in the form of some new multiplayer maps due to hit sometime next spring. While Bungie would not go into detail on what would be included on these maps, they did state that they would not be free and would be available to only those playing Halo 2 on the Xbox 360. If you don’t yet have a 360, don’t get angry with Bungie for releasing this new content on only Microsoft’s new system as they, “make games and in this case we’re making maps. Microsoft Game Studios is our publisher and they have the final call on the when/where/how part of the equation.”

Finally, if you have an Xbox 360, be prepared for some early Halo 3 action as it will go into public beta come Spring of 2007. Basically that means you’ll be able to play some multiplayer Halo 3 (and help Bungie work out the kinks) before the official launch of the game.

Bungie also released a new screenshot of some actual gameplay that was shown in the latest Newsweek. Click on the below image to see it in its full glory.


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