Happy Thanksgiving VGBlogger Readers

turkey.jpgWell, it’s that time of year again. I’m getting ready to head over to my in-law’s house for some delicious turkey and green bean casserole. This is a special Thanksgiving as a new member of our family will be making the journey with us: our Nintendo Wii. I was lucky enough to find an additional controller at GameStop last night, so it seems as though some Wii Sports action is on the docket, which should help us burn of some of our dinner. It will be interesting to get opinions on the system from two older adults that have had little to no prior game experience. I’ll be sure to take my camera along, and if anything particularly interesting ensues I’ll post it once I’m back at the desk tomorrow.

There are a few other things that you should be aware of this Thanksgiving. First, as we mentioned last Friday, it seems that the Xbox 360 core bundle for $100 deal won the election at Amazon.com. The 1000 allocated units are due to go on sale at 2 pm EST and can be purchase from this link. If you’re lucky enough to swipe one of these systems, let us know. The competition will be fierce.

Also as I’m sure you’re aware, tomorrow is the infamous “Black Friday” where crazy people line up outside of department stores everywhere to get a special deal on just about anything. To take advantage of this influx of customers, many retail outlets such as GameStop and Best Buy are sitting on their second and third shipments of PS3s and Wiis. So if you’re interested in picking up either of these systems, I’d suggest making a run at Best Buy (5:00 am), then Target (6:00 am), and finally GameStop/EBX (7:00 am). If you’ve already picked up one of these systems but are still looking for accessories, you might as well make the rounds too as you’re sure to find a new shipment of controllers and video cables in addition to the new systems.

So from all of us here at VGBlogger, have fun this holiday and be safe!

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