Have Some Curry with Your Sorcery Saga Limited Edition


Yet another quirky niche gem coming to PlayStation Vita this year, Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God is a hardcore rouge-like about a suspended student who undertakes a grand quest to save her friend’s curry restaurant from being run out of town by a new curry chain that has just opened up shop. To do this, the hungry heroine, Pupuru, must find the ingredients needed to cook up a tasty batch of the Legendary Magic Curry. Along the way she can stew other, lesser curry dishes to boost stats while crawling through dungeons.

Yes, that is the actual storyline. I don’t have the imagination to dream up such crazy shit on my own.


It’s only fitting that a game this wacky comes out in an equally wacky yet totally awesome collector’s edition package. Aksys Games is no stranger to putting out great collector’s editions, but the one for Sorcery Saga really takes the cake. Or the whole bowl of curry, keeping with the theme here.

The Sorcery Saga collector’s edition, better known as the “Hot and Spicy, Everything Nicey Limited Edition,” comes with all the necessary kitchenware to enjoy a yummy bowl of curry while playing through the game. Contents include:


A Cute “Kuu-rry” Plate: Straight from the first tower comes Kuu, the always hungry little critter with an attitude! Not only is it “Kuu-shaped” to perfection, but it also features the ever-present companion emblazoned on the surface of the plate!

An Awesome “Kuu-rry” Spoon: Can’t get enough of Kuu? Well, you’re in luck because along with that awesome curry plate, the limited edition also includes a Kuu-shaped spoon! Colored a cheer-inspiring yellow with the almighty Kuu and the Sorcery Saga logo debossed on the handle!

A Bibilious Bib: Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God features an array of wacky, sometimes cuisine-inspired critters that run amok in the dungeons you enter. Why not create a bib out of them?! Featuring many of the monsters and trigger-happy creatures you will face in Sorcery Saga, the bib completes the Sorcery Saga Limited Edition Set!

Aksys’ press release doesn’t give a price, but according to retailer listings the Sorcery Saga limited edition will cost $49.99, just $10 more than the standard edition. So don’t delay–spice up your holiday gaming season by pre-ordering the Hot and Spicy, Everything Nicey Limited Edition today!


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