HORI USA Introduces Nintendo Switch Fighting Commander and Blue Light Screen Filter

Disclosure: Fighting Commander and Blue Light Filter samples were provided to VGBlogger.com for promotional/coverage purposes by HORI USA.

Need to up your Nintendo Switch fight game? Let HORI USA be your peripheral sensei with the awesome new Fighting Commander controller designed specifically for 2D fighting games as well as other retro-style games like 2D platformers and puzzlers. Basically any games that don’t require analog sticks, because this controller only has a D-pad.

The wired fight pad features an elongated form factor, six face button layout (the usual A, B, X, and Y plus R and ZR), four assignable shoulder buttons (LSB, RSB, L, and ZL), and a D-pad with a toggle switch that allows it to function as the D-pad, right analog stick, or left analog stick. The oversized buttons cover nearly the entire surface of the thumb for added comfort and arcade-like feel when you’re pounding away at the controls bout after bout. The controller is missing rumble support, though, so don’t expect any force feedback behind all those kicks and punches. However, it is nice and lightweight so you can duke it out for hours on end without cramping your hands up with a heavy burden.

PC gamers can also wrap their bloody-knuckled fists around the Fighting Commander for all their 2D fighting and retro gaming needs as the controller is also fully compatible with Windows 10, 8, and 8.1 via X-Input.

The Fighting Commander for Nintendo Switch retails for $39.99.

So your fight game has been upgraded, but what about protecting your eyes from all those hours staring into your Switch’s LCD screen? HORI has the solution to that with the Blue Light Screen Filter, an enhanced version of the company’s popular Screen Protective Filter. The PET film is applied directly to the screen using a patented “One & Done” three-step application method that promises easy placement without those annoying air bubbles or dust particles sneaking in.

In addition to providing scratch and dust protection, the film reduces blue light by 30% for a viewing experience that is easier on the eyes and offers a warmer color tone without impacting clarity or touch control sensitivity. Protect your screen, save your eyes–what’s not to love?

The Blue Light Screen Filter for Nintendo Switch retails for $9.99.

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