How’s About a Hell’s Kitchen Game? Hells Yeah!


First it was Iron Chef and now it’s Hell’s Kitchen. Now all’s this TV cooking show addict needs are Top Chef and Kitchen Nightmares (the UK series, not the over sensationalized US series) games and I’ll be all set!

But anyhoo, back to the topic at hand… Ubisoft has indeed announced Hell’s Kitchen: The Game. It’s been developed by Ludia and will be available this September for DS, Wii, PC and Mac. Well actually, there’s already a free downloadable PC version available online, but I guess it’s a scaled-back version of what will be released at retail in the fall. In the game you’ll compete in a virtual rendition of FOX’s hit TV show Hell’s Kitchen. Chef Gordon Ramsay himself has lent his likeness and voice to the game, so expect to hear plenty of chastising comments and stern, wrinkly-faced looks should you mess up. Of course, the game has been rated “T” for Teen, so I suppose that means we won’t get uncensored rants from Ramsay. As long as the language hasn’t been totally sanitized I’ll be OK with it.

Hit the jump to learn more about the game via the first screenshots, box art and fact sheet Ubisoft provided with the announcement. Well, I’m off to see what this freebie PC version is all about. Wish me luck…

Hell’s Kitchen: The Video Game

Product Description:

Hell’s Kitchen is a TV phenomenon featuring world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay putting aspiring chefs through rigorous culinary tests.

The game recreates the show’s pressure-cooker atmosphere as players complete a series of kitchen and dining room challenges to find out if they have what it takes to be a “Five-Star” chef.

Fulfilling an order requires three important phases – preparation, cooking and service, all of which players must master to progress. Prepare ingredients, cook them to the correct quality and get food out of the kitchen on time. Each complete meal is scored by Chef Gordon Ramsay to make the kitchen boot camp experience come alive.

Key Features:

Find out what it feels like to be a contestant on Hell’s Kitchen
• Just like the contestants on the TV show, players must master all aspects of cooking: preparation, cooking and service
• Chef Ramsay watches your every move and judges you as you progress – yelling, praising or shutting down the kitchen if your skills don’t meet his expectations

Learn from the best
• As you progress, you’ll gain access to authentic Gordon Ramsay recipes, including many that are exclusive to game owners. Players on Mac and PC can print or email these recipes to friends.

FOUR exciting ways to play
• In Career Mode, earn your stars to build your way up from a Single Star restaurant to a prestigious Five Star establishment. Then, continue to advance through seven more restaurant ranks. As your Star Rating advances, the recipes become more varied and intricate.
• In Arcade Mode, concentrate your efforts solely on food preparation and cooking. The pressure builds as customers become increasingly more demanding. Can you keep up with the pressure before the time is up? Or will Chef Ramsay lose patience and close the kitchen?
• Team up in Cooperative Multiplayer Mode* with double cooking stations and shared ingredients. Play with a partner to advance through career mode
• Compete head to head in Competitive Multiplayer Mode* to see who earns Chef Ramsay’s praise and who goes home

* Wii™ system only

About the Franchise:

Hell’s Kitchen has been a TV phenomenon since its launch in June 2005. Featuring the acerbic Gordon Ramsay, Michelin 3-star chef and author of several books, the show has consistently delivered solid ratings. Season 3 showed 10% growth over the previous year with adults 18-39 and total viewers, and was first in its Monday 9PM time slot among adults 18-34 and teens. Season 3’s finale garnered 9.8 million viewers, and consistently attracted 7.5+ million per episode. Viewership for the season 4 premiere hit 12.55MM, with at least 11MM per episode since then.

Product Specifications:
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ludia Inc.
Ship Date: September 2008
Category: Simulation / Adventure
Rating: RP (expect E)

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