Humble Bundle V is Like The Avengers of Modern Indie Gaming


Humble Bundle V is now on sale, and it is a who’s who of modern indie gaming darlings.

Pay whatever you want or can afford to pay, and you’ll receive DRM-free Mac, Windows, and Linux copies of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, LIMBO, Psychonauts and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. Should you pay above the average going rate, Bastion will join the bundle party, assembling an indie gaming super-team of unrivaled power. [Update] Three bonus games, including Braid, Lone Survivor and Super Meat Boy, have since been added to the bundle. Paying at least a dollar also gets you Steam keys in addition to the direct downloads. All five official soundtracks come included with purchase as well.

Best of all, your purchase is a pledge of support for the indie community and a contribution to a great cause. When checking out, you can divvy up your payment to split between the developers, charity (Child’s Play or the Electronic Frontier Foundation), and/or a tip directly to Humble Bundle for making this incredible promotion/fundraiser possible. This bundle has already raised over $800K, and the cash is still rolling in every second.

I already have LIMBO on PSN and the original Xbox Psychonauts, but I have yet to play the other three so I couldn’t resist. Of course, getting the soundtracks was a major selling point for me. I can’t wait to get those downloaded and copied onto my MP3 player. If by some strange series of events you see me bopping my head the next time I’m out mowing the yard, you’ll know what I’m listening to.

P.S. Also make sure you pay a visit to the Supergiant Games website to download that awesome wallpaper art pictured at the top of this post (light and dark versions are available). Supergiant’s art director created it in honor of the bundle, and it absolutely rocks. (Yes, in case you were wondering, it’s plastered on my desktop right now.)

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