I Just Saw My First PS3 Ad…

Not the scary baby!

Yeah, the one with the ‘baby’… yikes. Creeped me out it did. So much so that I won’t even link the video. Personally, I’m always annoyed at cryptic ads like this when it comes to new systems. Sure, ad companies need to get paid, but how about shutting up the hype machine noise and SHOWING ACTUAL GAME FOOTAGE*, fer cryin’ out loud.

Of course, I KNOW we’ll see commercials soon that do just this and yes, bizarre ads have been part of Sony’s (and hell, every game company’s) game plan for ages. But, given the doom and gloom forecasting coming from the business pages and non-gaming ‘analysts,’ I’d sort of prefer to be frontally assulated by Resistance: Fall of Man ads just so people can see how killer that game is for a launch title.

(*Yes, there’s ‘game footage’ in the ad… if you look at the creepy baby doll’s teary eyes. However, I’d much rather see it fullscreen and not reflected in the glassy eyes of something out of a Silent Hill sequel)

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