Indie Quickie: Men’s Room Mayhem

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What is it? Have you ever dreamed about playing a line-drawing men’s bathroom management and etiquette sim? Dream no more: Men’s Room Mayhem is here!

Who made it and where can you get it? Credit the Liverpool indie super team of Sawfly Studios and Ripstone for making Men’s Room Mayhem a reality. Download it today on PlayStation Vita for $1.99 (plus a 50% discount if you’re a PS+ subscriber) or iOS and Android devices for $0.99.

How much did we play? Unlocked four of the seven available bathroom locales, completed 18 objective challenges, and maintained men’s room order for as many as 11 waves playing the Vita version.

Any technical concerns or hardware requirements you should know about? All clean. No messes to wash up here.


Why should you play it?

    • Dirty Finger: As a line-drawing game, you’ll need to get your touchscreen swiping finger dirty in order to manage the chaos of this little boy’s room. As bathroom patrons pile in, you must direct them to urinals or cubicles like an air traffic controller trying to make sure planes don’t crash into one another. Maintaining a men’s bathroom is much filthier business though. When accidents happen, it’s your janitorial oath to scrub up the blood stains and puddles of human waste, using your finger as the mop and toilet bowl brush. Go make Mr. Clean proud!

    • Mind the Splash Zone: I’m not sure what all goes down in the little girl’s room, but in the men’s room there is a strict, unwritten set of laws that shall not be violated. For example a one urinal gap should be held between potty goers at all times. If there aren’t enough open urinals to maintain this gap, proper guy code dictates that you must use a stall. Of course the washing of hands after the final shake, jiggle and drip is also a must before exiting. Men’s Room Mayhem is similarly governed, with bonus points doled out for following these rules of bathroom etiquette. Sure, you can usher patrons in and out ignoring such guidelines, but in doing so you won’t be able to complete many of the bonus objectives required to earn medals and unlock new stages.

    • It’s Potty Time: Simple and carefree though it may seem, Men’s Room Mayhem definitely lives up to its name. As the waves mount and become increasingly crowded, the men’s room devolves into a chaotic wasteland of feces and unbridled male aggression. Bar room brawls are just waiting to break out should two dudes with full bladders cross paths, and before long you’ll be dealing with a volatile mix of young males, drunken bums, bikers, elderly gentlemen and even the occasional woman who mistakenly stumbles into the wrong lavatory and causes nearby men to freeze in panic. The potty party really gets crazy once you reach the night club and saloon bathrooms. After that, I can only imagine how out of hand things get. I think you’ll be very surprised by how quickly the challenge and all out mayhem ramps up.

Parting Thoughts: When nature calls, no game is better suited—thematically at least—to quick toilet time gaming. I don’t see the basic line-drawing mechanic holding up over extended sessions, but in short spurts—roughly the amount of time it takes to handle your business on the porcelain throne—Men’s Room Mayhem is casual, slapstick fun mobile gamers should find deserving of a buck or two.

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