Indie Quickie: Soda Drinker Pro

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What is it? The most realistic first-person soda drinking simulation ever made.

Who made it and where can you get it? Soda Drinker Pro is the tasty brainchild of game designer and soda pop connoisseur Will Brierly, who originally created the game in a single day. Download it for free at

How much did we play? Guzzled soda in all 10 of the game’s stages, probably within just as many minutes.

Any technical concerns or hardware requirements you should know about? The audio synching doesn’t always seem to work properly, meaning sometimes you won’t be able to hear yourself thirstily sipping all that fizzy deliciousness. Other than that, this soda goes down smooth.


Why should you play it?

    • Make Michael Bloomberg Cringe: New York City’s Mayor may despise soda, to the point that he’s trying desperately to legislate its sale and consumption. Conversely, Soda Drinker Pro is a celebration of the sugary delight, tasking its players with one simple goal: drink soda, drink some more soda, grab a “B-B-Bonus Soda” and drink even more soda. You can drink soda at the park, on the beach, at the county fair, inside a mouth, in a castle, or all the way up in space, because nothing can top drinking soda in an anti-gravity environment. Just hold down the left mouse button to put the straw to your lips, and then hold the right mouse button to start sucking in all that carbonated, sugary good stuff. Ban that, Mayor Bloomberg!

    • Summertime Refreshment: Not many things are as crisp and refreshing on a hot summer day as an ice cold can of soda pop. But what if you don’t have any soda around? Well, with Soda Drinker Pro you can simulate the joys of guzzling your favorite non-alcoholic canned beverage, and you don’t even have to worry about potential tooth rot or waistline inflation. While you don’t get the physical sensation of the soda whetting your lips and tickling your taste buds, the satisfying soda slurping sound coupled with a hypnotic narrator who’s constantly expressing his love of soda with lines like “I wish I could eat soda,” and “I’m walking around with a soda in my hand, and I love it,” is enough to send you into a state of pure soda ecstasy.

    • Cheaper Than a Can of Soda: I don’t know how much it costs to buy a single can of soda these days, but it’s definitely more expensive than playing Soda Drinker Pro. Of course that’s easy to say because Soda Drinker Pro is completely free, and free soda always tastes better than paid-for soda. Soda Drinker’s also up for voting on Steam Greenlight with the promise of 100 new levels of soda-drinking fun, though unfortunately Valve has deemed the game to be “incompatible” with Greenlight so the chances of a Steam release appear to be crushed like a soda can in the trash compactor. But you can still vote for the game, and with enough support anything’s possible. Can you imagine how awesome Soda Drinker Pro would be with soda achievements and maybe even soda trading cards?

Parting Thoughts: If you haven’t figured it out by now, Soda Drinker Pro is more of a silly gag than a traditional “game” with a story to follow, a set of objectives to complete, or even real gameplay mechanics to master. Hell, you can tell it was built in a day from the way the world is slapped together with seamed edges and textures that look like they were drawn in MS Paint by a 5-year-old. But that’s all part of the charm and fun of the Soda Drinker Pro experience. It’s so bad, but somehow it still tastes oh so good.

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