Infinite Crisis Introduces Gaslight Joker and Shazam

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The latest Infinite Crisis Champion Profiles introduce us to Gaslight Joker (AKA the “Laughing Butcher”) and, from the universe of Prime, the mighty Shazam. One dual wields a meat cleaver with a pig leg and commands a pack of dirty rodents, the other calls upon the godly powers of lightning to smite his foes. Both make for deadly adversaries in the multiplayer online battle arena of DC Comics superheroes and villains.

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Champion Profile: Gaslight Joker

The prosperous Age of Invention’s most infamous serial killer, Gaslight Joker butchers his opponents with bloody cleaver and swarms of starving rats.

Word traveled through Gotham of a “Laughing Butcher” who, with a joke and smile, led unsuspecting street dwellers beneath his shop to feed his pet rats. Batman heard these tales and sought this butcher out. The butcher fled and, in his flight, plummeted into a vat of chemicals. His face bleached and frozen into a mad mocking grin, he was transformed into “the Joker”.

Gaslight Joker wades into fights with sweeping strikes of cleaver and ham, often followed by his “pets,” a ravenous swarm of starving rats.

Champion Profile: Shazam

Gifted with the strength of ancient gods, Shazam wields amazing magical power to defend the weak.

A teenage orphan bounced from foster family to foster family, Billy Batson stood up to any injustice he witnessed. After observing Billy’s selflessness, an ancient wizard granted him the ability to become a mighty warrior simply by shouting the word, “Shazam!” When uttered, that word calls down a bolt of magical lightning, which transforms and empowers him to stand for justice.

Shazam wants to be in the middle of the fight, disrupting and damaging the enemy team with his lightning, forcing them to deal with him before his more fragile allies.

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