Is Interest for the PlayStation 3 Waning?

I’m writing this article tonight because something odd happened that I never expected. I found PlayStation 3 systems out in the wild!

Last night I was at Target about five or six at night and I went back to the video game department. I was astonished to find a gigantic box sitting in the case below the PS3 games. Low and behold, they had a 60GB system available for purchase. I asked the salesperson in charge of the electronics department about the system and he said it had been there all day, but no one seemed interested in it. Shirking this off as just dumb luck, I went about my business and went home to tell my wife about what had happen.

Today while we were out exchanging some gifts at the mall, we hit up Target because my wife wanted some new makeup and I wanted to see if they had any World of Warcraft trading cards available. Again I hit up the gaming section because I wanted to get a pink sleeve for our second Wii controller when again, I see another PS3 box in the case. This was only a 20GB version, but still, finding two PS3s in two different stores on two different days is pretty remarkable. Again I asked the sales associate how long it had been there and he said since yesterday morning. I toyed with the idea of purchasing this unit, but sense (my wife) grabbed hold of me just in time and said to wait until a few more solid exclusive titles were available for the thing.

This isn’t an isolated occurrence either as other reports are coming in on PS3 spottings in the wild. I guess the point of this post is: what’s going on with the PlayStation 3? Is Sony stepping up production of the units? Are the eBayers realizing they can’t make a profit in the system and are leaving new shipments for the people that actually want the thing? Perhaps overall interest in the PS3 is dying and gamers would rather invest their money on a Wii and/or Xbox 360.

Anyway, if you live near the Target in Okemos, Michigan they have a 20GB system there now for the purchasing activities. So get there quick.

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