It’s Alive! The Wii’s Opera Browser that is.

The Opera browser for the Nintendo Wii is now available in the shop channel for all of you interested in browsing the net on your Wii. This is a free download but will take up as much memory as downloading a Virtual console game.

So how is it? Well I’m using it to write this post and text entry is very tedious. The autocomplete functionality has to be the most annoying part as I’ve not yet figured out how to disregard a suggestion. For example, many times when I try to add a period to a sentence it wants to throw a domain tag at the end of it (i.e. .gov, .us, etc). When this happens I have to accept the change and then delete the extra characters that it added. I tried to hook up a USB keyboard on the off chance that it would recognize it but no dice. Also, this is the second post I’ve tried to write as half-way through the first the the browser locked up my Wii.

As for functionality, let’s take the VGBlogger front page as an example. Flash video will not play correctly. I get sound, but no video. Additionally for some reason, when I try to scroll down and get to Matt’s post on the Virtual Fighter 5 screenshots, Opera automatically reloads the page. If I then attempt to scroll down a second time I get booted back to the browser’s start menu.

It should be noted that this is only the trial browser, so bugs and non-functioning features are to be expected. The full version is due sometime next Spring.

[UPDATE 1]: Just found out that Opera has a community site for the Wii browser located here where you can access it using your Wii and leave some feedback. I’ll definitely be doing that once I’m back home.

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