Japanese Gamers Having Issues with PlayStation 3’s Backwards Compatibility

GT4Crash.jpgThis past weekend the PlayStation 3 officially launched in the Land of the Rising Sun. Today, reports are starting to trickle in about the system having trouble with a few games, 196 different titles to be exact.

Japan’s CNet.com is giving that official number and it includes games that have had multiple versions, like collector’s editions or director’s cuts. The issues that occur range anywhere from slight graphical hiccups, no sound, or in Gran Turismo 4‘s case, a full system freeze soon after the game loads. Sony has given an official statement today saying that they know about this issue and many of the problems will be resolved in a future firmware update. A few games may need to have separate patches, but all issues should be resolved in time.

Honestly, considering that the entire catalog of PSone and PS2 games reaches into the thousands, having 196 with issues still beats the backwards compatibility that Microsoft has provided on the 360.

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