Jigsaw Review: Destiny Premium Puzzle

USAopoly’s collectible jigsaw puzzle line is heavily populated by Nintendo franchises, so it’s always nice to see some other gaming properties, like Fallout and now Destiny, get some jigsaw love.

The Destiny premium puzzle is a collage of characters, enemies, Guardian classes, Ghosts, weapons, and armor sets pulled from Bungie’s shared-world sci-fi shooter, all done up in a sort of chibi manga art style that’s bursting with cartoon charm. The fully constructed image pops with personality and bright colors. Once complete, Destiny fans are sure to have as much fun skimming over the artwork to pick out every little detail as they do going through the process of putting the puzzle together.

At 19″ x 27″ and 1,000 pieces, the puzzle may be a bit above a novice skill level based on sheer size and the complexity of the piece shapes, but overall I’d say it should be no more than a good mid-range challenge for the average person. Experienced users shouldn’t have much difficulty at all. For me, coming off of that brutal “Legend of the Hero” puzzle I recently finished and reviewed, this puzzle was a welcomed chance to enjoy a more relaxed experience. From start to finish, I worked on the puzzle casually for about a week before completing the bulk of the interior assembly in a day of dedicated work.

Sorting out the edge pieces and piecing together the all-white border is the hardest, most time-intensive part. However, the body of the image is fairly straightforward as the diversity of colors and character designs provides clear patterns to focus on. You can pick up nearly any piece and immediately have a general, if not exact, idea where it goes based on the pattern of the armor or a distinct color profile only found in a certain area. My suggestion is to work from the outside in, because the characters around the border are larger and easier to identify, so by working out those easier sections you also narrow down the piece pool before working through the increasingly intricate details as the characters grow smaller toward the center.

The pieces are for the most part sharply cut along the edges; however, in my box I found that a large number of the pieces had corners that were slightly bent or upturned where two pieces were once connected but didn’t get cleanly seperated coming out of the cutting machine. The good news is that I only noticed this once the puzzle was complete. When I rubbed my hand over the finished puzzle to smooth it out, I felt a lot of little nubs sticking up rather than a smooth finish. Fortunately this had no impact on actually doing the puzzle.

A more prevailing issue is how loosely many of the pieces fit together. For whatever reason, certain pieces just don’t stay properly interlocked, so you need to be extra delicate to avoid knocking completed sections with an elbow while reaching across the table, and you certainly don’t want to blow away puzzle dust particles with any gusto.

As pictured directly above, the weakest area is the upper-left corner, where a slight wipe of the hand causes the pieces to pull away at the seams and even separate completely at the border. This could be especially problematic for anyone planning to frame the puzzle, because in my experience loose seams are more difficult to glue together without the adhesive seeping through and causing damage to the other side. In that case, you’ll first want to use a spray adhesive to seal the front so the glue doesn’t leak through.

From what I’ve been able to find, this puzzle is based on a Destiny poster Bungie put out in 2016 to commemorate the company’s 25th anniversary. Since that poster no longer appears to be sold anywhere, Destiny fans should give USAopoly a huge thank you for bringing back such a limited piece of artwork. If you ask me, having it in puzzle form is the best of both worlds: You get the sense of accomplishment of putting the image together yourself while at the same time getting the opportunity, with a little DIY work, to hang the finished puzzle just like the poster.

Buy From: Amazon.com or USAopoly for $19.95.

Disclosure: The Destiny premium puzzle was provided to VGBlogger.com for review consideration by USAopoly.

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