Jigsaw Review: The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Incarnation Puzzle

Inspired by the final battle from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, this collectible jigsaw puzzle from USAopoly, titled Incarnation, depicts Link donning the Fierce Deity’s Mask as Majora’s Incarnation and the Moon Children wearing the four Boss Remains loom in the background. It’s a haunting and surreal image that comes together as a darkly beautiful work of jigsaw art.

The Incarnation jigsaw is the customary collector’s puzzle size of 18″ x 24″ and 550 pieces. On the difficulty scale, I’d put this jigsaw at the low end. There aren’t any surprises from odd piece shapes or large sections of solid color to get hung up on, or that might frighten away folks less experienced in jigsaw craftwork. The individual characters as well as the game logo at bottom-center provide easily identifiable objects to key on, while the surrounding psychedelic rainbow of smearing colors form clear patterns that are straightforward to sort and progress through. Even the darker areas have some faint swirl patterns to help identify proper orientation.

All told, I competed the puzzle, from sorting to full assembly, in a matter of two evenings. To put the challenge level into context, those retro Super Mario Bros. puzzles I just finished reviewing collectively took me almost a month of work to finish. So yes, this puzzle is far more accessible, and far less stressful.

The only potential problem area is the top border. They’re the only pieces that are mostly solid, they’re extremely dark, and a few of the pieces are cut so similarly that they can be connected in the wrong order while appearing to slot together perfectly and form a clean, straight border edge. Per my usual process, I first sorted all of the edge pieces and completed the border as a foundation to build off of. Everything looked in its proper place until I later reached the top section–I put the image together from the bottom up–and couldn’t get any of the remaining pieces to fit. I had to completely disassemble the top border and fill in the empty space to identify the errant pieces and reconstruct the top edge.

Overall, this is a fun, easygoing puzzle that can be completed in a hurry–you can adhere to the game’s three day time cycle and likely finish without breaking a sweat–and results in one of the most vividly detailed and eyecatching poster-quality images USAopoly has yet to offer in its growing catalog of collectible videogame jigsaw puzzles. The Majora’s Mask fan service is strong with this enchanting beauty indeed.

Buy From: Amazon or Entertainment Earth for $9.99.

Disclosure: Puzzle purchased by reviewer.

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