Last Chance to Pre-Order a Wii this Thursday

EBGames.jpgSo you weren’t able to get to an EB Games or GameStop to reserve a Wii because you were at work, and by the time you headed over to Toys R Us the number of pre-orders had already been filled. Well, EB Games (and GameStop I assume since they’ve joined forces now) announced that they will begin taking pre-orders starting this Thursday evening. To quote EB:

“And so here Wii are. Less than two weeks and counting until the most innovative product the video game industry has seen hits the streets.

This Thursday evening (CST), November 9, your opportunity to get in on the excitement arrives when our Wii bundle becomes available for pre-order online at You’ll get the best games, accessories and more in one convenient package delivered right to your door – all for under $699 plus tax and handling!

Quantities are extremely limited and there will be a limit of 1 Wii bundle per household, limited to US delivery only. Ordering a bundle does not guarantee shipment at launch and orders will be shipped on a first-come, first-serve basis. The bundle will be removed from the site as soon as we have reached our expected quota.”

Awww….See EB and their word play? Wii are very proud of them………

Anyway, if you don’t mind paying for a bundle and don’t feel like waiting in a line on the 19th then this just might be the last opportunity you get before the Wii hits retail.

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