Legend of Kay is Getting a Remastered Anniversary Edition (Say Whaaat?!!)


Now here’s a bit of news I totally did not see coming.

Anthropomorphic 3D platformer Legend of Kay, originally published by Capcom 10 years ago as a PlayStation 2 exclusive (a DS port came about five years ago), is being remastered in HD by Nordic Games and German developer KAIKO.

Legend of Kay Anniversary, as the new version has been dubbed, is planned for release this summer on PC/Mac (via Steam), PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, and Xbox 360. Sample box art provided in the game’s press kit suggests that the PS4 and Wii U versions will be made available at retailers in North America as well as digital download. (I have no clue why there will be no Xbox One version.)

In a discussion thread on the game’s Steam Community Hub, the developers shared this list of key enhancements the anniversary version will feature over the original:

– The main character and all NPC’s of the game are recreated as high-polygon meshes with newly created, high resolution textures. All character animations are re-exported, with an overall improved quality.
– All textures of environments, objects and characters are rendered in higher resolutions, in many cases new textures were created.
– Stones and gras-environments quality were enhanced by using noise-detail textures, when being rendered close to camera.
– A new UI Design is applied.
– Cut scenes are rendered in HD Resolution
– Achievements supported
– New Leaderboard system for the races
– 60 Frames/s
– Trading Cards

For those who don’t remember Legend of Kay–and I’m guessing that’s most of you–the game follows the story of a feline martial arts prodigy named Kay who fights to save his world of animal friends from the tyrannical rule of the gorillas and rats led by emperor Shun. Okay, so the story is rather dopey, but the gameplay, from what I recall, is a fun mix of conventional 3D platforming and combo-based combat.

The game has always been a sleeper gem in my library. (I have an old review that I wrote back in the day for a previous website stashed away somewhere that I’ll have to dig out.) The game never achieved the sort of widespread praise that would earn it status as a “classic” deserving of a commemorative re-release, but I remember it fondly and will be all over this remaster once it hits. If this is the first you’re hearing of the game, it definitely deserves looking forward to on your platform of choice.

Here’s a gallery of screenshots showing off the updated visuals.

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