Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Blowout: Story Details, Three New Trailers & Screens Galore

The hype train leading up to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword‘s November 20th launch officially enters hyper-chug today with Nintendo releasing a ton of exciting new details, videos and screenshots from what is shaping up to be the Wii’s glorious swan song.

To get you started, click play on the video up top to watch a trailer for the game’s opening sequence.

Next, here are some introductory story details outlining key characters and scenarios that will “lay the foundation for the events that occur in the rest of the series.”

– Introduction: The new game’s storyline begins in Skyloft, an island town suspended high in the sky, on the day before young Link is to compete in a major bird-flying competition. The winner of the contest will earn the honor of taking part in a special ceremony with Zelda.

– Link and Zelda: Friends since childhood, Link and Zelda have always shared a special bond. Events in the new game will add even more depth to their relationship.

– Groose: Link’s nemesis at school, Groose, plays a significant role in the early moments of the new game. This bully of a character not only threatens Link’s chances to win the bird-flying competition, but he also reveals a jealous streak toward Link and Zelda’s special bond.

– Fi: Early on in Link’s new adventure, he encounters Fi, the spirit of the powerful Goddess Sword. Fi’s guidance proves to be crucial as Link goes forth on a challenging quest that will ultimately result in the creation of the Master Sword.

– Zelda’s father: Gaepora, Zelda’s father, is the headmaster of Link’s school. As such, he has knowledge of the history and legends of Skyloft.

What’s up next? Only two more brand spankin’ new videos to wistfully drool over. The first one is titled the ‘Romance’ trailer, appropriately showing the childhood, puppy-love relationship between Link and Zelda as they frolic and fly together in Skyloft. After that is a gameplay video of the game’s sword combat tutorial. So check that one out for a quick lesson in Wii-mote sword fighting.

Last but not least in Nintendo’s massive Skyward Sword info dump, we come to a gallery of 30 freshly captured screenshots. Enjoy, Zelda fans!

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