Legend of Zelda Wii U Won’t Be at E3, 2015 Launch No Longer Nintendo’s “Number One Priority”


Still without an official title, Nintendo’s lovely-looking open world Legend of Zelda title for Wii U won’t be out this year.

In a video message posted to the Miiverse (see bottom of page), producer Eiji Aonuma states that plans to launch the game in 2015 are no longer their “number one priority.”

In the months since the game’s debut at E3 2014 and reappearance during the December Game Awards, where the previously planned 2015 launch window was confirmed, the development team has “discovered several new possibilities for the game” and “new ideas have continued to spring forth” from those discoveries. No longer shackled by a deadline for this year, Aonuma’s priority is simply to create the “most complete and ultimate Zelda game.”

So there won’t be a new Legend of Zelda out in 2015. (Not on Wii U at least.) Sadly, the game won’t even be at E3 this year to give gamers a look at how it has progressed since last year’s E3 showing.

Conspiracy theorists may be reminded of the Twilight Princess saga and begin to wonder if these “new possibilities” have something to do with the ‘NX’ hardware Nintendo recently teased and said will likely be revealed next year. Once upon a time, Twilight Princess was going to be only on the GameCube but was delayed and later became a Wii launch title. Could Nintendo similarly now be planning to make this new Zelda game a Wii U send-off and a NX launch title at the same time? Seems unlikely, but history suggests that it is something to think about.

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