LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Reveals Supercharged Vehicles

Just when you think LEGO Marvel Super Heroes couldn’t get any more awesome, in steps TT Games with a new feature to announce. This week, it’s vehicles!

LEGO Marvel will let players zip around the open world LEGO New York City as their favorite super heroes and villains in seven vehicles, each one modeled after a different character, like Deadpool’s scooter or Spider-Man’s helicopter. There’s even a vehicle–the Cloud Rider–which was designed by a 14 year-old boy in a Facebook contest.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes ships October 22nd for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Vita and 3DS and will also be a launch title for both PS4 and Xbox One. Here’s a bit more info on each vehicle.

Cloud Rider: ­ “It’s fast, but the best thing about it is the ability to hover, which means you can avoid the traffic while carrying out races.”

Deadpool Scooter: ­”The Merc with a mouth has a slick new motor-bike to get around town. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, this deceptive machine has more power than Luke Cage. Plus, it makes an awesome ‘weeeeeeeee’ noise when it moves too!”

Magneto Mobile: ­ “When driving the Magneto Mobile, nobody will tell you what to do. A car well ahead of its time, inspired by the 1978 Menace of Magneto, this car needs no gas so it is environmentally friendly. The car can cruise the streets of New York without even a whisper of noise — Magneto’s vehicle of choice!”

Pumpkin Chopper: ­ “Usually Green Goblin is seen blasting around New York on his glider, however for longer journeys he chooses the comfort and luxury afforded him by the Pumpkin Chopper. While comfortable though, the Pumpkin chopper is extremely nimble and has powerful rapid fire missiles.”

Spider Copter: ­ “S.H.I.E.L.D. are not the only people with gadgets and gizmos. The Spider Copter was designed for Spider-Man by Nick Fury to enable the webbed wonder to get from A to B swiftly, and should he encounter problems en route, the agile copter has quick-fire flick rockets.”

X-jet: ­ “The X-Men’s primary source of conventional travel, obtained by Professor X from S.H.I.E.L.D. the X-Jet is unrivalled, being able to cloak at the switch of a button, enabling it to sneak up on anyone. Definitely the vehicle to use when traversing distance and wanting to arrive unannounced!”

Fantasticar: ­ “The Fantastic Four’s vehicle of choice, reinforced to hold The Thing and able to split into four self-propelled units. Like the group, it’s truly multi-talented!”

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