Looking for Forum Suggestions

forums.jpgAlright, so you may have noticed that we have this link at the top titled “Forums.” What you may not know is that it actually takes you to our very own VGBlogger forums (yeah, I know…it’s crazy).

Anyway, while I can see that robots are trying their darnedest to sign up for them (which we’re successfully blocking), we haven’t had a legitimate user sign up since December of 2006.

So my question to you is, what’s the deal? Are our forums “teh sux” as the kids say these days? Is the login process too tough? Are the colors not pretty? I really want to know as we have people that would love to talk with you about any manner of topics, from games to movies to television, etc.

Leave your feedback here if you have any suggestions. Thanks!

About the Author

Having over 25 years of gaming experience, Zach knows a thing or two when it comes to one of his favorite entertainment activities. Additionally, he has also written many articles previewing and reviewing titles which can be found in various places around the net, including VGBlogger.com.