Lord of the Rings Online Anniversary Celebration: Book 13 Launches, In-Game Events, New Limited Time Subscription Plans


To celebrate the 1st anniversary of The Lord of the Rings Online (the best MMORPG ever, in my opinion), Turbine has announced a slew of special promotions and game features to treat online Middle-earth adventurers to. The headliner is clearly today’s North American launch of Book 13: Doom of the Last-king, the fifth free game update that introduces a new region, faction, Monster Play class, Hobby System, and over 100 quests alongside the continuation of the game’s epic storyline. Below you’ll find screenshots and a detailed list of the new features.

Book 13: Doom of the Last-king Content:

Ø New Region – In the far, frozen north of Eriador lies Forochel, a land unlike any other in Middle-earth. This new region lets players see the ocean for the first time and introduces several new temperature based landscape effects. Players will need to be mindful of the cold due to a new damage type – frost. Frost will slowly damage their character until they find a source of warmth in the form of shelter or a campfire.

Ø New Faction – Beneath the brooding skies of Forochel dwell the hardy tribes known as the Lossoth. Suspicious of outsiders, they have long warred against other folk – especially the Guaredain, bloodthirsty wolf-loving barbarians in league with the forces of Angmar. Players can earn favor with the Lossoth by helping them in the struggle against their ancient enemy in this latest addition to The Lord of the Rings Online’s (LOTRO) reputation system. Lossoth reputation rewards include unique armor sets, weapons, a new mount, housing decorations, and class specific items

Ø Introducing the Defiler — The first new class for Monster Players debuts in Book 13. The Defiler is a healer that will round out any War Band in their quest to dominate the Ettenmoors. The Defiler uses new healing skills such as Fertile Slime and Fungal Bloom to aid its party in battle and has a host of new Debuff skills including Curse of the Lethargic Heart to defeat their enemies.

Ø The Hobby System — The player hobby system is introduced in Book 13. Fishing is the first hobby being introduced in LOTRO. From the Midgewater Marshes to the Shores of Evendim, players will find fishing to be a relaxing, entertaining and beneficial pastime. Players can earn deeds and traits as they improve their fishing prowess and captured fish can be used to cook in recipes or be mounted as trophies in a player’s house.

Ø The Epic Continues! — At Elrond’s urging, players venture into the frozen wastes of the north to continue Laerdan’s search for the remnants of the ring Narchuil. Aided by the Snowmen of Forochel, players will uncover the fate of an ancestor of Aragorn and strive to thwart the terrible aims of Angmar.

Ø Over 100 New Quests — The story continues for players as they aid the Fellowship and encounter new adventures in Middle-earth.

Accompanying Book 13’s launch, Turbine has a number of anniversary promotions lined up too. Beginning May 8th, former subscribers will have the opportunity to return to their adventuring and sample the latest game content for a free five-day trial. For a limited time (until May 31st to be exact), North American gamers will have two new pricing plans to choose from, including the return of the $199 lifetime membership subscription or a reduced $9.99 monthly rate on any of the current multi-month subscription plans. And finally, between now and June 2nd mobs throughout the game will drop rare tokens that can be exchanged for various in-game items.

Happy Anniversary Lord of the Rings Online!

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