Lost Planet Demo Hitting 360s on Thanksgiving

LostPlanet.jpgYesterday we received a press release from Capcom concerning their upcoming Xbox 360 title Lost Planet: Extreme Condition.

Starting November 17th, Capcom will begin its nationwide campaign to promote this title by showing a theatrical trailer to movie audiences (preceding the new James Bond flick “Casino Royale”) informing them that a multiplayer demo will be available for download starting November 23rd, Thansgiving here in the U.S. This multiplayer demo will include one level, called “Pirate Forest,” and will allow up to 16 players to duke it out in one of four multiplayer formats: Elimination, Team Elimination, Post Grab, and Fugitive.

Additionally, Capcom will be declaring the Friday after Thansgiving “White Friday” (see…because the game has a lot of snow…) where video game retailers will kickoff a special pre-order program allowing anyone that reserves the title access to a special Lost Planet multiplayer demo that will include the additional map “Dilapidation”. So why not brave the crowds of the madness that is usually called “Black Friday” and put $5 down on this game. At the very least you can get access to more of the game’s content, with no obligation to actually purchase it.

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