Man Attempts PS3 Sale on Craigslist, gets Robbed at Meeting Place

PS3Stolen.jpgCheck out this story from La Palma, CA. Apparently an individual acquired two PS3 systems and attempted to sell them both for a total of $5,000. Instead of going the safe route and trying his hand at Ebay, the man instead decided to use a popular classified-type website called Craigslist. Two interested buyers contacted the man and they agreed to meet at McDonald’s at 1 am Monday morning.

Of course, nothing good comes out of mysterious meetings in front of a McDonald’s in the early morning hours, and when the two men came to purchase their new PS3 systems, one doused the seller with pepper spray and the buyers ran off with both PlayStations.

Let this be a lesson to you: when meeting strangers for a multi-thousand dollar business deal, try to do it in an open and public area during the day. Not at a fast food restaurant parking lot at one in the morning.

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