Massive Terraria Update Opens a Whole New World of Possibilities on Consoles and Vita


The PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Xbox 360 versions of Terraria are now up to par with the PC version of the game thanks to the official release of Update 1.2, which is basically a “carbon copy” of the update that already came out on PC late last year.

The full change log is absolutely massive so you’ll want to go here to read it all, but here are some of the highlights along with the first screenshots of the new content.

• 10 new ores
• 4 new wood types
• 31 new brick types
• 12 new wing types
• 29 new tinker combinations
• Over 50 paintings that can be collected randomly throughout the world
• 8 new friendly NPCs
• 4 new bosses
• Over 100 new enemies
• Over 15 new pets that can be found in chests and dropped rarely off enemies
• Rain, blizzards, and a new snow biome with unique treasures and items for normal and hardmode versions
• The sun is brighter and midnight is darker, along with several other graphical upgrades
• Stalagmites, icicles, moss, plants, rocks and other “piles” added
• New mini caves with unique backgrounds, and chests and pots with distinct graphics to each biome
• The hammer is now used for creating slopes, halftiles and breaking walls only, whilst the axe is now only used for chopping down trees and giant mushrooms
• Pickaxes will now remove blocks, placeable objects and items such as Life Crystals and chests
• Players can now craft early-game magic robes and staves, whilst bricks, wood, stone and glass all now blend together
• New hardmode jungle temple with beehives
• Water will now change color based on the biome and depth that you are in, and there are several new fountains that will change the color of water when they are placed nearby

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