Mel B Will Give You PSN Trophies for Getting Fit

Beyond the personal gratification of losing weight and getting in shape, Trophies will be your in-game reward for breaking a sweat in Get Fit with Mel B, the upcoming PlayStation Move workout game starring the former Spice Girl as virtual personal trainer. It’d be easy to expect a workout program like this to skimp on the Trophies, but as it turns out you’ll have to burn your ass off (literally) to boost up your PSN rep in this game.

Deep Silver released the game’s complete Trophy list today, and as you can see below there is a good mix of silly and serious. You’ll be able to score virtual hardware for completing workouts, increasing fitness levels, and doing 1,000 push-ups and curls, in addition to achieving other more interesting goals like burning off calories equivalent to a Christmas dinner, climbing the equivalent of the Empire State Building’s height in Step Aerobics, lifting the equivalent of an SUV’s weight in the Pump ‘n’ Tone workout, and completing workout programs between 12:00am and 2:00am and 5:00am and 7:00am. The toughest Trophy to get will probably be “Driven,” which you’ll earn for working out every single day for two weeks. That one should be a Gold!

Get Fit with Mel B Trophy List:


· FEEL THE BURN – Complete your first workout

· DROP AND GIVE ME 1000 – Do 1000 push-ups

· ABS OF STEEL – Do 1000 long-arm crunches

· BRING IT ON – Raise a fitness level by 10

· 99… 100 – Complete 100 reps

· 499… 500 – Complete 500 reps

· 999… 1000 – Complete 1000 reps

· FLASH DANCER – Collect over 350 stars in a Dance Aerobics workout

· GOING UP? – Climb the equivalent of the Empire State Building in Step Aerobics

· PUMPED – Lift the equivalent of an SUV in Pump ‘n’ Tone

· FIT CROWD – Complete a Fitness workout

· DANCE OFF – Complete a Dance workout

· FAT BURNER – Complete a Cardio Workout

· FRONT RUNNER – Complete an Advanced Cardio Workout

· BEST FOOT FORWARD – Complete a Step workout

· WARRIOR – Complete a Combat Workout

· TONED – Complete a Pump ‘n’ tone workout

· FITNESS MONSTER – Complete 20 Fitness workouts

· LAST DANCE – Complete 20 Dance workouts

· SWEAT DREAMS – Complete 20 Cardio workouts

· ATHLETE – Complete 20 Advanced Cardio Workouts

· ESCALATOR – Complete 20 Step workouts

· ULTIMATE WARRIOR – Complete 20 Combat Workouts

· PUMP ‘N’ THRONE – Complete 20 Pump ‘n’ Tone workouts

· NEWCOMER – Reach level 60 in any category

· AMATEUR – Reach level 70 in any category

· SEMI PROFESSIONAL – Reach level 80 in any category

· FLEXIBLE – Reached level 70 in three categories

· 20 RUN – 20 good reps in a row

· PERFECT 10 – 10 perfect reps in a row

· FIRST GOLD – Win a gold medal in a workout

· JUST A SNACK – Burn off a chocolate bar

· ONE LARGE PEPPERONI – Burn off a pizza

· PARTY SEASON – Burn off a Christmas dinner

· WHAT’S FOR LUNCH? – Follow the menu every day for a week

· PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT – Practice five different exercises

· VARIETY – Complete at least one workout of each workout type

· MY WORKOUT – Create a custom fitness workout

· MY AEROBICS – Create a custom aerobics workout

· DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY – Complete an aerobic workout between 12:00am and 2:00am

· EARLY WORM – Complete a fitness workout between 5:00am and 7:00am


· 25 LEVELS UP – Raise a fitness level by 25

· DRIVEN – Exercise every day for two weeks

· PROFESSIONAL – Reach level 90 in any category

· HAT TRICK – Reached level 80 in three categories

· TRIATHLON – Reached level 90 in three categories

· FULL HOUSE – Get a gold badge for all challenges

· 60 MIN BURN – Complete a 60 minute aerobics workout of any type with a score over 90%


· PERFECTIONIST – Reach level 100 in any category

· THE TRIPLE – Reached level 100 in three categories


· MY BODY IS A TEMPLE – Collect all other Trophies on Get Fit with Mel B

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