More Word Of Toys R Us PS3 Reservations This Sunday

ToysRUs.jpgYesterday we reported that a few sites were claiming that in addition to the already confirmed Wii pre-orders, Toys R Us would also be taking pre-orders on the PS3 as well. Today, more information was brought forth by various sites in an attempt to validate legitimize this information. The most interesting piece of tidbit was that each store would receive only 5 to14 PS3s. That’s not a lot to go to everyone that wasn’t able to reserve a unit when EBX/GameStop made theirs available earlier in the month.

My suggestion? Since Toys R Us’ “Big Book” comes out tomorrow, try to meet face to face with a manager at your local store to squeeze them for some official information. Then, post a comment here, and prepare to camp out extremely early if you really want one of these systems on launch day.

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