Muramasa Rebirth Special Edition is a Blessing from Amitabha


Aksys Games has a nice gaming treat to offer early adopting Muramasa Rebirth enthusiasts.

For a limited first-print run, the overhauled PlayStation Vita version of Vanillaware’s side-scrolling action RPG originally released on Nintendo Wii will be available as part of the Blessing of Amitabha Collector’s Edition, which includes a Muramasa Rebirth themed Vita system skin, face cover and velvet carrying pouch, along with a framed lithograph.

Add another bonus goodie to the stash with a pre-order from Amazon or GameStop. The 5-song Muramasa Rebirth Abridged Soundtrack is all yours with an early reservation.


According to Amazon, the Blessing of Amitabha Collector’s Edition will set you back $60 while the standard edition retails for $40. Read on for more details about the extras before deciding whether or not to make the $20 special edition upgrade.

Muramasa Rebirth is scheduled to ship on June 25th.

Muramasa Rebirth Blessing of Amitabha Collector’s Edition

Muramasa Rebirth PlayStation®Vita system Face Cover by HORI™ USA, Inc. – Protect your PlayStation®Vita system with this beautifully crafted PlayStation®Vita system Face Cover made by HORI™ USA, Inc.! Sporting the Muramasa logo on the front, make it known to your friends and family that you own this very limited edition!

Muramasa Rebirth PlayStation®Vita system Skin by HORI™ USA, Inc.- Totally immerse yourself in the captivating world of Muramasa Rebirth with an exclusive PlayStation®Vita system Skin that completely protects the front panel of your PlayStation®Vita system! Using one of the many vibrant scenes from Muramasa Rebirth, this exclusive skin not only offers protection but beauty!

Muramasa Rebirth PlayStation®Vita system Pouch – Complete your immersion with a black drawstring velvet pouch that easily puts your PlayStation®Vita system in your hands.

High Res Framed Lithograph by Vanillaware – Specially made by Vanillaware, this new piece of art for this limited edition is truly one-of-a-kind reproduction (stay tuned for the big reveal of this completely new artwork)!

Muramasa Rebirth Pre-Order Bonus

Pre-Order Muramasa Rebirth at Amazn or GameStop and receive an exclusive Muramasa Rebirth Abridged Soundtrack! Boasting numerous songs from Muramasa Rebirth, this pre-order bonus is a sure collector’s item for any Muramasa fan! Written by famed gaming and anime composer, Hitoshi Sakimoto of Basiscape, the Muramasa Rebirth Abridged Soundtrack features five songs that bring the colors and art of Muramasa to life.

Track Listing:

Track 1:Turbulent State
Track 2:Powerful Look
Track 3:Gods of Heaven and Earth
Track 4:Inscrutable Stratagem
Track 5:Tacit Understanding

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