New Gears Content Next Monday

Gears Yo!Epic, the development studio behind Gears of War, announced that a new patch for the game would be available for download for free next Monday, April 9th.

Along with some minor fixes to displays on fancy televisions, Epic is also releasing a brand new multiplayer mode called Annex. Those gamers having played Halo 2‘s King of the Hill multiplayer game variant should immediately recognize this mode as each map will have two to five areas that players must hold to gain points for their team. This will also be the first game type to feature unlimited respawns which will be on a fifteen second interval.

So for those of you who had put your chainsaw bayonets down in favor for some Guitar Hero II action, starting next week you’ll have a new reason to pull this hit out of storage, if it was ever there to begin with.

Source: Kotaku

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