New Halo 2 Maps Coming In April

For those Gear-heads out there, you might want to remember that there was another king of XBL for the longest time, and with the announcement of new maps coming to Halo 2 in April, Master Chief just might have to give Marcus a slug to the chest.

Bungie has announced that they will be releasing two new…err…slightly new maps for Halo 2 in April.  The maps are not strangers to the swarm of Spartans that have played Halo since day one, as they will be remakes of two fan favorites.  The first map, “Tombstone” is a graphically enhanced revamp of “Hang ‘Em High”, which in this writer’s opinion was the best map they ever made.  The second map, “Desolation”, will be familiar to those who were fans of the first Halo’s map called “Derelict”.

In essence, though…do we really need more maps for a game that is going to be obsolete come this fall?  I mean, when you get right down to it, why don’t they just shove these into Halo 3 and give us far more content along with the supposed better gameplay experience?  Hell, they need to just focus on the story.  People already seem satisfied with the multiplayer that Halo 2 offered.  Therefore, they could just add a couple of tweaks, and that would be the end of that for multiplayer.  They really need to focus on the story of it all, which from what I’ve seen in trailers (especially the Starry Night trailer), I’m hoping they might be reaching into some backstory from The Fall of Reach novel.

Enough of the rambling.  The Halo 2 maps will be available in a package on an as-yet-announced date in April via the content downloader located within Halo 2 for $4.  However…you will need to be an XBL Gold member to download them.  There is no news on whether the two maps will be available in a retail copy like the previous Multiplayer Map Pack.

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