New Halo 3 Info, Just for You

For those of you that haven’t already heard, Swedish gaming mag Level was first to release new information on Halo 3, specifically on new vehicles, controls, weapons, multiplayer, and the different ways the game will launch. For your convenience, we’ve place the scans of the magazine below, along with a collated list of the new features. We do this not because it’s easy, but because we love you, our faithful readers.


New Vehicles!
The Mongoose, a two-seater version of the Warthog sans mounted gun, will be used to get people quickly back and forth from place to place.

New Weapons!
The Spiker – some type of new melee Brute weapon
Spartan Laser – an anti-vehicle weapon
Nail Grenade – a sticky grenade that sticks to walls and shoots nails into nearby opponents

New Controls!
Each bumper will handle reloading weapons independently.
The X button will have some new functionality yet to be disclosed.

New Multiplayer…thing
The “Man Cannon” will shoot soldiers around each playing field. While flying through the air players can also be shot down by opponents. …… cannon.

Finally, the game will come in a normal and “Legendary” edition. This addition will have four DVDs including the game, and other supplementary material, plus a replica Spartan helmet that is just big enough to fit on a cats head. Expect many pictures of my “Halo Cats” once the game is released.

Thanks to Xbox 360 Fanboy for the translation.

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