New Staff Member Ahoy!

Since starting this site in mid-October, we haven’t had anyone new join the team. Sure people started posting for the first time after the site began, but we were all in discussion prior to bringing VGBlogger up so they’re old hats as far as I’m concerned. 😉

So with that, please join me in welcoming Roger Gibson as the newest member of the VGBlogger staff. Posting comments both on the main page and in our forums under the pseudonym “Crusader,” Roger is a long time supporter of the VGBlogger crew, hearkening back to the days when Matt, Greg and I used to write for BonusStage. Trust me when I tell you that he knows his stuff about gaming and I respect his opinions on gaming related issues.

In addition to VGBlogger, Roger will also continue his duties as Head Nintendo Editor over at (no relation). I assume (and correct me if I’m wrong Roger) that the VGBlogger format will allow him to express more of his opinions on games and gaming life. So look for Roger’s entries appearing on the front page soon.

Welcome Roger!

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