Newest Splinter Cell Takes Place In Lagsville, USA?

Over at Destructiod earlier today, a link was posted to the below YouTube video which demonstrates someone’s laggy experience playing Splinter Cell: Double Agent online. The post’s author, Robert Summa, follows up the video with:

“So, I’m hopelessly addicted to Splinter Cell Double Agent and its multiplayer gameplay on the 360. The only thing that keeps pushing my hard on back down? The f*cking lag! It’s just about unbearable most of the time. When the game is lag free, it’s brilliant, but when it lags (which is about 50% of the time) it’s completely unplayable and broken.”

Though I’ve yet to have the opportunity to try this game out, I did ask some others that have played online quite a bit since this title’s launch for the 360 last week about this lag issue. One reported that something similar has happened to them one time out of all the nights he’s been playing. Other than the occasional dropped connection though, it’s been smooth sailing.

So what has been your experience with Double Agent’s online play?

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