NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams: “Dream of Desert” Info and Screens


Sega just released a quick update on NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams to kick the week off with, including a background story on the “Dream of Desert” level and five new screenshots from the deserted amusement park world.

The Dream of Desert:

After being separated from his beloved father, Will, a once normal young boy, becomes overwhelmed by a crippling sense of loneliness and falls victim to a series of daily nightmares.

Ideya, an idyllic shining light orb, discovers Will’s dreams and transforms them into the beautiful and fantastic desert like world known as Nigthtopia. This dreamlike and desolate world reflects Will’s inner struggle with loneliness as well as his youthful innocence.

Will happens upon a large deserted amusement park, the same park that he and his Father had experienced many happy memories together at. The amusement park is now weathered, decrepit and buried in sand with only a beautiful green beanstalk shooting through the clouds to give Will a sense of hope and purpose beyond his current surrounding and desolation.

Will meets NiGHTS again on his journey through Nightopia and the two of them decide to “dualize” or unite as one and confront the terrible nightmare monsters and ultimately to free NiGHTS.

Nightopia, an immersive world created by dreams, is filled with exciting and intriguing contraptions. At the beginning of the journey, we see a strange lake in the distance and watch it as it fades in and fades out as if it were a mirage. Floating TV sets located in the area launch surreal transformations into lush oasis environments, only to transform back to the dry desert environment once again. While with the oasis environment, rings and mysterious items multiply, but when the desert reclaims its territory, the Nightmarens infest the land. As each dream changes, so does NiGHTS flight pattern.

Some of the adventures that await and challenge Will on his journey include a super-charged trip on the rollercoaster from the amusement park and an extraordinary journey up a beanstalk and through the clouds. In a world of dreams, anything can happen because everything is possible.

NiGHTS_1.jpg NiGHTS_2.jpg NiGHTS_3.jpg NiGHTS_4.jpg NiGHTS_5.jpg

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