NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams Main Character Bios and Images

After showcasing a great new trailer for NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams at E3, Sega has now followed up with an additional game info update introducing the highly anticipated Wii game’s two main characters, William Taylor and Helen Cartwright, and revealing their back stories to set the stage for the dreamy adventure they are about to embark upon. Below you can find detailed bios for both characters, as provided by Sega, accompanied by a gallery of new screenshots, artwork and CG movie stills.

Name: William Taylor
AKA: Will
Age: 12
Hobby: Soccer

The beginnings of his nightmare…

In the city of Bellbridge, a town with a giant clock tower, lives 12-year-old Will, a boy who loves soccer. Ever since he was little, Will has played and practiced soccer with his beloved father, and has even managed to become the star player on the local soccer team. He also does well in school, and served as a great role model, but it was perhaps because of his talent that he began to grow more distant from his fellow teammates.

Even still, Will at least had his father, whom he loved, trusted and admired. Every day after work, Will’s father would come home and practice soccer with his son, and the two grew quite close indeed.

One day, however, Will’s father was suddenly transferred, leaving his son behind. Outside of school, Will and his father had gone everywhere and done everything together, and now, without his father, Will was plunged into an unbearable loneliness. Night after night, he started to have terrifying nightmares. One night, however, a warm light appeared in his dreams, banishing his nightmare—this was the light of Nightopia, which beckoned Will to follow it, where he then had his first encounter with the mysterious being called NiGHTS…

Name: Helen Cartwright
AKA: Helen
Age: 12
Hobby: Violin

The beginnings of her nightmare…

12-year-old Helen lives in a quiet, upper-class neighborhood in the great city of Bellbridge. Helen and her mother were always very close, spending their days together, going shopping, studying, picking out clothes, and other such things. Most importantly, Helen learned to play the violin from her mother, starting from a very young age, and she loved it so. After school, the two of them would play together out on the terrace behind their home. Helen’s dream was that, one day, she would play the violin in concert on stage.

However, as young Helen grew up and started to go from being a little girl to a young woman, her relationship with her mother began to change. She was well-mannered, kind, and popular in school. She had many friends in school, and her social life soon began to take away from her time with her mother—and from the time she spent with that old-fashioned violin, her dream to one day play on stage gradually becoming forgotten. Her feelings for her mother were kept deep inside, though, and so subconsciously, she began to feel a deep sense of guilt over the distance that had grown between them, and this guilt manifested itself in the form of recurring nightmares. One night, though, while fleeing from these dark visions in her head, she ended up in a strange new world, where she encountered a mysterious dream-dweller named NiGHTS.

Helen.jpg Will.jpg Nights_Flute.jpg NiGHTS_Helen_0622.jpg NiGHTS_Will_0622.jpg NiGHTS_CG0622_01.jpg NiGHTS_CG0622_02.jpg NiGHTS_CG0622_03.jpg NiGHTS_CG0622_04.jpg NiGHTS_CG0622_05.jpg NiGHTS_CG0622_06.jpg NiGHTS_CG0622_07.jpg NiGHTS_CG0622_08.jpg NiGHTS_CG0622_09.jpg NiGHTS_CG0622_10.jpg

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