NiGHTS Sequel Soaring to Wii This Fall

nightsjester_1.jpgFor anyone who pays attention to the rumor mills in the gaming industry, there was an ad that was featured in last month’s UK edition of Nintendo Power that featured a starry sky with an outline that mentioned a classic game being brought back to life.  Some fan boy apparently recognized the look of the ad, and after he dug up an old NiGHTS into Dreams and placed it over the top, he realized that the two ads were the exact same thing.  A lot of speculation was going around as to whether Sega and Nintendo would be helping re-launch the NiGHTS game once more.  It was also believed to be just another April Fool’s joke (after all, the lead character of the game IS a jester!).

Well, today, Sega officially announced the long-awaited and overdue sequel to the classic pastel-laiden shooter NiGHTS into Dream for the Nintendo Wii.  The new game, currently titled NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, will bring back the unnamed jester in a new adventure to help save the land of Nightopia from the neighboring world of Nightmare.  More surprising is the announcement that the game will support up to two players, something that the original game lacked.

For those who remember the first NiGHTS into Dreams game on Sega Saturn, it was the first game to make use of the system’s unique analog controller that would later become the model for Sega’s Dreamcast controller as well.  Moving to the Nintendo Wii, Sega will be using the unique controller to its full advantage, as well as focusing the game’s themes on hope, courage, and inspiration.

You can check out the official game web site, which also says the game is expected to launch sometime this fall.  While there aren’t any screenshots out, and information is minimal at this point in time, we’ll have all the latest news for you once it becomes available.

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