Nintendo Announces DSi, Loses GBA slot


Nintendo has just announced the 3rd generation of Nintendo DS, called the DSi. The new model is more than just a cosmetic makeover, sporting several physical changes. The DSi is approximately 12% (2.6mm) thinner and has bigger screens sized at 3.25 inches (compared to the 1st and 2nd generation models 3 inch screens).  Read on to see what else Nintendo has changed!

One of the biggest – and boldest – moves is that the GBA slot has been removed, and in place of the GBA slot is a SD card slot. Removing the GBA slot has significance beyond the obvious inability to play old GBA games: it also means the system is incompatible with any game that uses the GBA slot, including the Rumble Pak, Nintendo Browser, and most importantly Guitar Hero: On Tour!


The SD card slot will allow for saving pictures taken from the two relatively low-resolution (~0.3MP) on-board digital cameras, one mounted outside and one mounted inside. The SD card can also be used to store music and games, and features an on-board music player and the ability to play games from the SD drive.

Game downloads will be offered for purchase via wireless through the Nintendo DSi shop, which should function similarly to the Apple App Store on iTunes or the upcoming PSN Store accessible through the PSP. The DSi will also include a web browser; although there is no word on which browser yet, it will most likely be an improved version of Opera for the DS. The DSi will launch in Japan November 1st and sell for the Yen equivalent of $179. No North American release date has been set, but rumors of a Spring 2009 launch for the rest of the world are making the rounds.  As always, keep checking back with VGBlogger for the latest in DSi news!

[Update] Nintendo just announced that due to robust US sales of the DS, the DSi will not see release until “well into calendar year 2009”.

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