No Ranked Team Play for Gears of War

GoWGroup.jpgIn other Gears of War news tonight, it seems that players will not be able to sit down with a few of their friends, pop GoW into their 360, and “pwn sum n008s” (as the kids say) in ranked matches online like many do in Halo 2 today.

In an article over at, Cliff Bleszinski (GoW‘s lead designer) was asked about the odd ranked team play situation that Microsoft basically forced his team into.

“It’s ‘ranked’ meaning that when you are joining a ranked match you are being shown games that are determined to be at the same level as you are by the Xbox Live arbitration system and TrueSkill.

You cannot join with your friends as that would throw the system off given they are likely to be at different ranks and also makes it easier to cheat. So when you search for ranked match you only see games that are playing at your level.

It’s required by Microsoft to be this way.”

In other words, Gears of War‘s multiplayer team matches will be much like entering a team battle alone in Halo 2. You’ll be matched with other individuals around your same skill level. Unfortunately it was not mentioned whether or not unranked matches would be available and if groups of friend could join as a team to play them.

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